Who We Are

Green Connect

Who We are

Green Connect resource management solutions works on biodegradable waste management. The bio- methanation plants provided by us, converts the bio-waste at homes, schools, colleges, industries, hospitals, corporate etc., into biogas which can replace the non-renewable LPG and organic manure which can replace chemical fertilizers.

Our company also installs advanced bio-methanation plants to produce biogas from tissue paper waste, dairy industry waste, sago industry waste, poultry and fisheries waste, gelatin industrial waste, cotton dust waste, etc,. Green Connect also deals with garden waste to convert them into vermi compost. . To create awareness about sustainable waste management, we also give various guest lectures at schools, colleges, organizations and take them a study tour.


To see that zero waste is generated from every home/institution and everything got from nature is repaid!


Inspired by nature: In nature, nothing is wasted, nothing is created but everything is transformed. Inspired by nature, green connect will find various alternative sources of sustainable energy.

The 4 R's: The path trodden by us will consist of the 4 R's - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The Green Connect: To establish a value based relationship with our customers and help them stay connected with the green.

ISO 9001:2008

In further pursuit of providing high quality and reliable products we are now an ISO certified (Quality Management system ) organization manufacturing and installing bio-methanation plants.