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Biogas Domestic stove Single & Double Burner

We offer single burner and double burner stoves specially designed for Biogas. This stove is designed in such a way that the heat produced in this stove is similar to the LPG stove.


Biogas Storage Baloon

Storage baloons are used to store the biogas inside them. This can be used as a gas holder.


Biogas Commercial Stove

We offer Biogas Commercial Burner stoves that can be used in the large kitchens, canteens. We also provide dosa kal burners


Biogas Blower

Biogas Blower is used to enhance the gas flow from the digester to the stove, so as to decrease the cooking time.


Biogas Moisture Seperator

Moisture seperator is used to filter the moisture present in the biogas.


Food Waste Crushers

Crusher is used to pulp the waste matter which has to be fed into the biogas. We have 1/2 hp, 1 hp, 2 hp, 3 hp, 5 hp and 10 hp crushers along with sink attachments.


Biogas Slurry Pump

Biogas Slury Pump is used to pump the food waste to the Bio-Methanation plant, if it is at a higher elevation.