Pugalanthi Green Revolution: Transforming Food Waste into Cooking Fuel with GASTODAY

Pugalanthi Green Revolution: Transforming Food Waste into Cooking Fuel with GASTODAY

Volume 1 Edition 5

by admin on 14-10-2023

In January 2023, Pugalanthi, a resident of Karur, embarked on a sustainable journey by installing a Green Connect bio gas plant known as GASTODAY at his home. His vision was simple yet impactful: to harness the potential of food waste and convert it into a clean and renewable source of cooking fuel.

Pugalanthi journey began when he reached out to Green Connect. Green Connect offered an innovative domestic bio gas plant called GASTODAY, designed to process leftover food, vegetables, and organic waste through anaerobic bacterial digestion.

Today, Pugalanthi is reaping the benefits of his decision. He utilizes food waste, rice starch, and even tea waste to produce approximately 45 to 1 hour of bio gas daily. Whats remarkable is that he encounters no issues with GASTODAY, thanks to his diligent maintenance of a pH level between 6 and 7—a crucial factor for efficient gas generation. To assess the health of GASTODAY plants , he uses pH paper to test the water from the outlet.. A pH reading of 6-7 indicates a healthy condition, while 1-5 signifies acidity.

The installation of GASTODAY at Pugalanthi home offers an Eco-friendly cooking solution while addressing waste management. This small initiative plays a crucial role in reducing environmental impact, fostering a greener future. Pugalanthi story is an inspiring testament to individual efforts in promoting sustainability through innovative solutions like GASTODAY. His choice highlights bio gas as a cleaner and sustainable household alternative, effectively managing food waste while cooking responsibly.