Trailblazing Journey from Biogas to Wastewater Treatment at Maharishi International Residential School.

Trailblazing Journey from Biogas to Wastewater Treatment at Maharishi International Residential School.

Volume 1 Edition 7

by admin on 13-12-2023

At the "Build Expo" in 2016, Green Connect unveiled the "Commercial Biogas Plant" that could convert food and vegetable waste from institutions and mass canteens into cooking gas and manure. This innovation caught the eye of “Balaji Techo Traders” and a new business relationship was forged with them. This collaboration led to the adoption of a 250 kg food waste biogas plant at Maharishi International School, Chennai. . This plant churns out 30 cubic meters of biogas daily, equivalent to 15kg of LPG, showcasing Green Connects commitment to sustainable solutions.

The success story did not stop there. Impressed by the biogas plants performance, Maharishi School turned to Green Connect for yet another environmental challenge – wastewater treatment. With 50,000 liters of daily wastewater from kitchens and bathrooms, Green Connect proposed the implementation of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology. This efficient system not only treats wastewater but also repurposes the treated water for the schools gardening needs.

Detailed operational costs of the MBBR STP

Electricity Costs

- Operating Cost: Rs 69.51 per day

- Units per day * Cost per unit: 695.1 Rs per day

Total Operating Cost

- Total operating cost per day: 695.1 Rs

Water Consumption Costs

- Water consumption: Rs 2,500 per day

- Liters * Hours of operation: 50,000 liters

- Total operating cost per liter: 695.1 / 50,000 = Rs 0.014 per liter

Scrutinizing these calculations reveals an exceptionally low wastewater treatment cost. The MBBR STP daily operating cost, covering electricity and water consumption, stands at 695.1 Rs. With a daily usage of 50,000 liters, the cost per liter of treated water impressively remains at Rs 0.014. This not only underscores the cost-effectiveness of Green Connects wastewater treatment solution but also emphasizes its potential as an economically viable and environmentally sustainable option for institutions like Maharishi International Residential School. The ability to treat wastewater for less than one paisa per liter underscores the financial feasibility and positive impact of adopting such eco-friendly initiatives.