Sustainable Biogas Implementation at Periyar University

Sustainable Biogas Implementation at Periyar University

Volume 1 Edition 9

by admin on 19-02-2024

In 2015, Periyar University, based in Salem, installed a Green Connect biogas plant with a capacity of 40 kg for food waste management. The initiative stemmed from the universitys commitment to environmental sustainability and its desire to contribute positively to its surrounding ecosystem.

Seeking a reliable and sustainable solution, Periyar University collaborated with Green Connect. The university aimed not only to manage its food waste efficiently but also to actively engage in environmental stewardship and experiential learning opportunities for its community.

The biogas plant, with an 8 cubic meter capacity, is equivalent to 4 kg of LPG. It has the capability to process 40 kg of food waste per day; however, at Periyar University, they only utilize 20 kg of food waste daily. Since its installation, the biogas plant has been operational, primarily for canteen purposes such as heating water, boiling milk, and eggs. The plant runs for approximately 1.30 to 2 hours per day, effectively converting food waste into biogas. The resulting slurry is used as a natural fertilizer. for plants across the university campus, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.

Despite its success, the project encountered minor issues, including the replacement of pipeline components and crusher motor services, which were promptly addressed. Overall, stakeholders express satisfaction with the project outcomes and the benefits derived from utilising biogas for daily operations, acknowledging that these simple service works are common, and with proper maintenance, they can be avoided as well.

The waste management process facilitated by the biogas plant has earned recognition from NAAC accreditation, highlighting Periyar Universitys commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

The Green Connect biogas plant at Periyar University stands as a testament to the institutions dedication to sustainable development. Through innovative initiatives like this, the university continues to inspire and educate its community towards a greener future.