LIC Chennai Holds Green Innovation with Eco-Friendly Biogas Plant

LIC Chennai Holds Green Innovation with Eco-Friendly Biogas Plant

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by admin on 18-03-2024

In a significant stride towards environmental sustainability, the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) in Chennai took an eco-conscious initiative back in 2013 by installing a Green Connect biogas plant.  This initiative was made possible through a partnership with Eco Care, a leading channel partner for Green Connect.

Eco Care Technologies has emerged as a prominent player in the environmental engineering sector in India. Initially established to undertake environmental projects, the company has evolved into a key player, offering comprehensive solutions for water and wastewater treatment, air pollution control equipment, and environmental consultancy services.

LIC collaboration with Eco Care has resulted in the installation of a cutting-edge Green Connect biogas plant capable of processing 50 kg of food waste daily. The plant utilizes an advanced water jacket model, producing 8 to 10 cubic meters of biogas per day. This sustainable approach not only aids in waste management but also provides LIC with an alternative energy source, contributing to their commitment to environmental responsibility.

The success of the Green Connect biogas plant at LIC Chennai stands as a testament to the positive impact of public-private partnerships in fostering environmentally conscious practices. As corporations increasingly embrace eco-friendly initiatives, this collaboration sets a noteworthy example for other organizations to follow suit and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.