Sustainable Waste Management: ATC Tyres Biogas Plant Revolution

Sustainable Waste Management: ATC Tyres Biogas Plant Revolution

Volume 1 Edition 10

by admin on 18-03-2024

In 2017, ATC Tyres in Jayam Kondan took a significant step towards environmental responsibility by installing the Green Connect 200 kg food waste biogas plant. With the company generating 200 to 250 kg of food waste daily, ATC Tyres recognized the importance of efficient waste management. Impressed by Green Connects successful track record, ATC Tyres enthusiastically embraced the idea of a biogas plant to address their waste-related challenges.

The biogas plant, designed to handle 200 kg of food waste per day, now produces an impressive 30 kg of biogas daily – equivalent to 15 kg of LPG. This clean and sustainable energy source is utilized for three hours each day, reducing the companys reliance on conventional fossil fuels.

However, ATC Tyres faced challenges with biogas production due to the acidic conditions of the biogas plant, particularly when acidic foods were introduced, it hinders the biogas production. Neutral pH level of 7-8 is required for good biogas production. Responding promptly, Green Connect recommended discontinuing the feeding of acidic foods. ATC Tyres heeded the advice, eliminating acidic foods from the biogas plants feedstock resulting in good biogas production.

Moreover, the company found a valuable secondary use for the biogas plants byproduct – slurry. ATC Tyres mixed slurry into their Sewage Treatment Plant, turning wastewater into a treated reusable water which acts as a resource for gardens. This shows a complete approach to using waste efficiently and environmentally friendly.

ATC Tyres successful integration of Green Connects biogas solution not only addresses their waste management concerns but also establishes them as a model for sustainable practices in the industry. This initiative showcases the potential for businesses to contribute to a greener future through innovative and environmentally conscious solutions.