Green Connect - Domestic Plant and Urban Plant, Domestic or Home Based Food Waste, Perfect Solution for Urban Population to Manage their Waste

"The Smartest Way to Make Cooking Gas"

What is "GASTODAY "?

GASTODAY equipment produces cooking gas from leftover domestic or home based food/vegetable/organic waste through the process of anaerobic bacterial digestion in simple terms, the organic waste is degraded biologically, and biogas which is produced as output, is used for cooking.


Today there is an increased need for alternate energy and waste management. Green Connect has a gateway to address both with GASTODAY. By using "GASTODAY" you can produce your cooking fuel, organic manure and also save the environment from pollution! Perfect Solution for Urban Population to Manage their Waste.



Production Table

Waste Fed per day

Gas Produced per day

Usage Time per day

Manure Produced per day

1.4 Kg 200 liter 75 minutes 4.5 liter


All the data given are maximum production and usage of the plant per day

The cooking gas production varies according to the quantity & quality of the food waste

Product Features

Proven technology

The product is 100% tested in gas production and works with anaerobic digestion technology

Odor free gas

Unlike input waste, the biogas produced doesn’t have any smell

Durable Material

The plant is made up of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), which is highly durable


The product is highly safe from explosion since the excessive gas escapes

Prefabricated kit

The package consist of prefabricated components, which make it easy to install


The product can be shifted anywhere according to the requirement

ISO standard

The product is approved with ISO standard


Fits easily anywhere in home

Suitable Locations

Composting Machine


Composting Machine


Composting Machine


Composting Machine

Outside Kitchen

Personal Benefits

Free cooking gas

Odor free gas

No electricity required

Environmental Benefits

1ton Carbon offset
per year

Reduced pollution

Improved Sanitation

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