Green Connect


Food & Vegetable Waste

  • Over 800+ food and vegetable waste based bio-methanation plants installed
  • Indigenously developed pulverizers, biogas booster systems and biogas meters
  • Complete portable systems up to 2 tons
  • The space occupied is less than 40% compared to conventional systems

Dairy Industry

  • Dairy industrial effluents are characterized by high COD and BOD
  • Advanced UASB reactors which achieve up to 80% reduction in COD
  • The generated biogas is used for electricity generation or as boiler feed
  • Separate solid state digester for treatment of dairy scum
  • Installations in 4 units of HATSUN dairy & 1 unit in CavinKare

Paper Industry

  • Biogas plants based on paper manufacturing waste generated by paper mills
  • Sheshayee paper mills and RR Krafts are our clients in this sector

Poultry and cattle dung

  • Biogas plants based on poultry and cattle dung are mostly preferred in farms
  • We are manufacturing nearly 500 units of cow dung based biogas plants for INFOSYS in their carbon neutral project

PLA Waste

  • PLA is an alternate for plastic currently more attractive for making cups, bags, bottles and it’s the future
  • We have installed one for Total Carbion, Chennai a Netherlands based company who are the manufacturers of PL for their manufacturing waste

Bio-fertilizer Waste

  • The waste that are generated while manufacturing the bio-fertilizer can generate an excellent amount of biogas
  • We have installed this type of plant at T-Stanes, Coimbatore

Sugarcane Effluent

  • Sugarcane effluent is a strong air and contaminant
  • We have installed a plant in the sugarcane industry near Omalur for R &D purpose

Floral waste

  • The perfume industry consumes the flora and gives back the effluent to the earth
  • We have installed a plant in the Jasmine, Dindugal a plant which will generate biogas from floral effluent